• COLOREX CWS FLAKES – Cold water soluble cationic softener flakes.
  • COLOREX CP – Cationic softener for soft and silky handle.
  • COLOREX TKI – Highly Cationic softener for denims.
  • COLOREX SWP – Cationic softener for synthetic fabrics especially for shirting.
  • COLOREX H.O. – Non yellowing cationic softener.
  • COLOREX H.S. – Low yellowing cationic softener gives excellent surface softness to cotton / polyester blends.
  • COLOREX OC – An excellent softening agent for cotton, viscose polynosic fabrics.
  • COLOREX ULTRA KK – An excellent softener for all type of fabrics, it gives soft and smooth feels.
  • COLOREX TQ – Concentrate softener having good hydrophilic properties also.
  • COLOREX POWER SOFT – Extraordinary concentrate softener gives inner as well as surface softness to all type of fabrics.
  • COLOREX RWS – Rewetting softener for terry towel.
  • COLOREX SFC – An amphoteric softener with antistatic properties for cellulosic & synthetic blends.
  • COLOREX N.I. 100% - Concentrated nonionic softener for good surface gloss and lusture.


  • COLOREX KVS – Cross linking resins with built in catalyst.
  • COLOREX PE – Nonionic polyethylene emulsion for use in resin finish & to improve tear & rubbing strength.
  • COLOREX LFCR – Modified melamine based resin for hard finish.


  • COLOREX 5000 – Premium quality Polyvinyl acetate emulsion.
  • COLOREX 4500 – Polyvinyl acetate emulsion.
  • COLOREX MBX – Plasticized pva emulsion for wash and wear durability & fullness.
  • COLOREX FB – Emulsion designed especially for suiting & shirting.
  • COLOREX ACRYL – A Synthetic polymer finish for stiffness & brightness.


  • COLOREX SOFT 2430 - A new generation silicone softener for all type of fabrics & fibers, it shows remarkable results in woolens, acrylics and their blends.
  • COLOREX HPS – Silicone for high pressure soft flow machine.
  • COLOREX SOFT 3350 - A special silicone softener gives surface smoothness.
  • COLOREX SOFT 3650 – A special silicone softener gives inner softness to fabric.
  • COLOREX ASE – An Amino silicone emulsion especially designed for wools & acrylics like pashmina shawls.
  • COLOREX MS – Low cost silicone emulsion for all type of garments.
  • COLOREX ML – Non yellowing hydrophilic silicone softener for terry towels, cotton knits and children wear.
  • COLOREX FLS – A Silicone softener specially designed for feather yarns & knits.