• COLOR-EX BINDER 7180 – An acrylic hard binder for back coating of moulded carpets.
  • COLOR-EX BINDER 8000 – Styrene acrylic copolymer for stiff nonwoven interlinnings and wadings.
  • COLOR-EX BINDER 811- Binder for Primary Backing of handtuffed carpets.
  • COLOR-EX BINDER 369- Binder for Secondary Backing with Excellent adhesion and Binding Property.
  • COLOR-EX BINDER 945- An Excellent Binder for Top Coat Binding.
  • COLOR-EX SBR- Styrene Butadene Binder for all types of Carpets.
  • COLOR-EX Coat-R- Polystyrene Emulsion for Shoe Lining Product and give Excellent Solvent Activator effect.
  • COLOR-EX THK 428 - A crosslinking acrylic thickener.
  • COLOR-EX DSP 620 – Polymeric dispersing agent.
  • COLOR-EX 361 – Modified melamine formaldehyde resin condensate.
  • COLOR-EX FB – Surfactant used as a foam booster for latex coating applicator to generate good foam.
  • COLOR-EX 5500 NW – An acrylic emulsion for nonwoven polyfills which gives good binding and hardness to the fibre.
  • COLOR-EX 3500 NW – Low cost emulsion for polyfills.
  • COLOR-EX LV 40- An Excellent antistatic oil for all type of Fibers.