For Sugar Industry, we not just sell chemicals, but we try to bring solutions to the problems the Industry is facing, be it with juice clarification, color, excessive foaming or scaling. We have the latest range of products, with built-in novel delivery system, that targets the problem area and deliver the solution, thereby cutting the production loss and enhancing the recovery.

Our product range for sugar processing includes:


A complete range of flocculants especially made for Sugar Industry, for efficient settlement of the mud as well as flotation of impurities in juice and syrup clarifiers. These flocculants are more effective and economical in comparison with conventional products, and are also confirm to the standards of US and EU for food grade.

  • COLOREX FLOC SG (Flocculant for Juice Clarification)
  • COLOREX FLO SCS (Flocculant for Syrup Clarification)

Viscosity Reducers:

Viscosity Reducers: We have a good range of viscosity reducers, both anionic and non ionic, to reduce the viscosity of massecuites and pan syrup to about more than 30% of the massecuites, so as to make it easy to transfer from pan to crystallizer. It reduces ash contents and lubricants crystals effectively. It also reduces the purity of molasses and Shortens boiling time thereby improves sugar recovery.

  • COLOREX 140
  • COLOREX 115
  • COLOREX 035-VR

Mill Sanitation :

Mill Sanitation : In mill sanitation we are not just restricted to Qac & D.T.C. based biocides we have a complete range of products both oxidizing and non-oxidizing, safe for human consumption and specially formulated for Sugar Industry for controlling Lueconostoc L-Lactolocillus and L-Amesteneroilds,

The micro-organisms responsible for degradation of sugar into products like Glucose, Fructose, Lactic Acid, Ethanol and Dextran, plus other bacteria challenges, effectively controlling the reducing sugar and enhancing the sugar recovery.

  • COLOREX 188U
  • COLOREX 095
  • (Q.A.C. based biocides)
  • COLOREX 112
  • (DTC-40% based Biocide)
  • (Chlorine based)

Color Precipitants :

Color Precipitants : To overcome the problem of the development of the colour during the course of production / due to the constituents of the juice, we have an excellent color precipitant. It coagulates all the high molecular weight organic impurities and removes the color from the pan and reduces the ICUMSA value less than 100 units of the sugar.

  • COLOREX 078 SC
  • (For Cane with high color value)
  • (For Cane with medium to low color value)
  • Scale Inhibitors :

    Scale Inhibitors : We have extensive range of solutions for controlling the formation of all type scales from silica, magnesium, calcium carbonates, chlorides, phosphates, zinc and iron etc. AAY KAY INDUSTRIES series of scale inhibitors inhibit the scale formation by solubility enhancement, crystal growth modification, and dispersion of scale forming metallic ions. Our scales inhibitors are most modern and as per International standards, with built-in corrosion inhibitors which protect the systems from corrosion. Our scale inhibitors can be added in multiple-effect evaporator, vacuum pans & juice heating equipment. A regular usage of our product ensures a reduction in frequency of body closure for cleaning.

    Scale Softeners :

    Scale Softeners : AAY KAY INDUSTRIES series of scale softeners ensures fast and efficient removal of scales, without damage to the equipment. They also result in saving in caustic, time and energy.

    Defoamers :

    Defoamers : Foaming is another problem area for sugar mills. Foam may get formed, due to the processing and quality of lime used and also due the inherent nature of the cane juice. A carryover reduces the working capacity of pan and may also result in juice loss. Our range of antifoaming agents, not only instantly kill the foams generated but they are also WHO compliant for food industry.